The 3 Don’ts on Returning Back To Work!

With families across the whole of the UK facing lockdown at Home. We have developed a new way of living. With home working, home schooling life has become a challenge for many. Lots of parents are wondering when life will resume back to normal when I return to work and what do I need to do to be prepared? Read below for our Parent Proofed tips on the 3 Don’ts on Returning Back To Work!

I Don’t Think I Can Return to Work Right Now….

Employees should be ready to return to work at short notice, but employers should be flexible if possible. If your employer asks you to return to work straight away, you can discuss with your employer if you can’t return. You may have no childcare options at present or you may be shielding personally or family members. Whatever the reason may be, ask your employer so that you are given the opportunity to put things in place, before you return. Be specific and ask them to give you a chance to sort out childcare or any other needs. 

I Don’t Want To Leave My Kids

The separation anxiety is going to be heightened due to the increased amount of time spent at home. Children love there home environment and it can become hard to separate them from it. As you are returning back to work speak to your employer, understand if it is necessary and safe for you to return to work. If so explain to them how you may have to check in more with your childcare provider or family member with calls, or even online platform Zoom. If your child is 0-5 all that will definitely help to settle them back in comfortably.  

I Don’t Think I Have The Support

Many Families during Covid-19 have been facing challenges. Speak with your family first and see if there is any changes that can be made to support you going back to work. If that is not possible go directly to your Employer. Most good employers will be able to offer some support in going back to work, whether thats working from home, reducing hours, or placing you on furlough. It is a very needed conversation to have! If you find that you can’t speak to your employer try speaking with your HR department or finding our more from Citizens Advice.

I hope you find these tips helpful and if there are any more topics or questions you would like us to share please email and we will share you views!

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