Let’s Get Ready For September! What’s next..?

Are you anxious for the new term starting in September? Are you wondering how the new transition at school will be during Covid-19? Here at Kids in Charge we are being transparent as possible and letting you know how we are going to tackle moving forward with our Breakfast and Afterschool clubs. Read below the vital information to make this transition smooth for you!

Make sure your Booked sessions are correct!

If you need to change your booked sessions, please let us know as soon as possible ( preferably with as much notice as possible to avoid any surcharges) If we contact you by email please urgently respond as any updates and changes to your booking we will need to inform you at the earliest.

Please follow up with a email stating the desired booking date and time you need changed. If not contacted within 48 hours please call us on our office line: 0208 530 7075.

Please Update Your Latest Records With Us!

Please let us know if their are any changes such as; Your children’s year changes, please update your contact details and address. Even Classroom, year groups and teachers name. All of these information is essential it is correct so we can continue to run a seamless childcare system for your children. Because we are working within the bubbles, we are working within the guidelines the government has given and in partnership with the schools we are working to provide a safe and secure service for your Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs.

Make sure all Children’s Belongings Are labelled!

Please label your belongings so we can identify your children’s belongings and contact you as soon as possible when items are left on our site. If you have left any belongings here at Kids at Charge during holiday club please pick up items by Friday 21st August 2020. If not items will be disposed of due to our high cleaning and safety schedules.

Looking For Nursery Childcare For September?

We are hosting our Open day for our Wanstead nursery this Saturday 22nd August. For anyone who registers on the day we are waiving all registration fees!! If you haven’t had the chance to view our setting please book in! There are so many activities and play opportunities for the children to enjoy!

If you have any questions please email bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk

Kids in Charge and Rightstart daycare are a Breakfast and After school Club and Nursery. Kids In Charge offer’s high quality, reliable childcare service to families within fun, educational, stimulating, safe environments. We encourage children to become independent learners confident and assured. We offer flexible childcare options to suit all patterns. To Find our more email us bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk or give us a call to arrange an onsite or virtual / remote Tour! 0208-530-7075.

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Discover 4 Ways to Dismantle Temper Tantrums!

Have you been facing Temper Tantrums during this Pandemic? Not to fear we have 5 ways to help and home and even implemented when you are out and about! It’s common for your children to experience temper tantrums especially when they don’t get there way! You may experience outbursts of frustration, yelling, tears and even hitting. We have some good news…. with these tips, you will be able to develop a routine that will keep the terrible, temper tantrums at bay! 

Why do Temper Tantrums Happen? 

Tantrums can last anything between 2 -20 minutes! They are most common in children aged 1-5 years old.  As children are growing they are experiencing and adjusting to their own found independence. All of there social and emotional skills are beginning to develop. Because they don;t have the words to express themselves they express it in big emotions! This is the very first way they are able to manage there emotions and understanding what is going around them. It is believed than from 12 month’s is when children begin to understand and manage their behaviours. 

How do we handle them? 

Try to stay calm..(We know it’s easier than it sounds ) Take a breather if need to as if you get angry it makes the situation harder for you and your child. When you speak you have to be assertive and keep your voice calm and level. Take charge when you need to for Stay calm (or pretend to!) Take a moment for yourself if you need to. If you get angry, it’ll make the situation harder for both you and your child. When you speak, keep your voice calm and level, and act deliberately and slowly. Begin counting from 3 to 1 to regain control of the situation. And yes take charge when you need to. If the tantrum happens because your child wants something, don’t give your child what they want. If your child doesn’t want to do something, use your judgment. For example, if your child doesn’t want to get out of the bath, pulling out the plug might be safer than lifting out your child.

Don’t Reward Tantrums! 

Try to not shout or give extra attention during the tantrum. Do not give in to their requests for example they want a sweet or chocolate bar and because they are having a tantrum you give in. You can’t control your child’s emotions or behaviour directly. All you need to do is keep them safe and make sure they are not in any danger. 

Routine Will Take Time Don’t Give Up! 

When you begin to implement these changes it will take time for everything to work.  Remember your child is not doing this on purpose to upset you. The sooner you begin to practise the easier it will become! This is the time where you can teach new skills and give lots of positive attention

I hope you find these tips helpful and if there are any more topics or questions you would like us to share please email marketing@kidsincharge.co.uk and we will share you views!

Looking for a Nursery? Or Even a Breakfast and After school Club near you…? Kids In Charge offer high quality, reliable childcare service to families within fun, educational, stimulating, safe environments. We encourage children to become independent learners confident and assured. We offer flexible childcare options to suit all patterns. To Find our more email us bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk or give us a call to book your Tour! 0208-530-7075.

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The 3 Don’ts on Returning Back To Work!

With families across the whole of the UK facing lockdown at Home. We have developed a new way of living. With home working, home schooling life has become a challenge for many. Lots of parents are wondering when life will resume back to normal when I return to work and what do I need to do to be prepared? Read below for our Parent Proofed tips on the 3 Don’ts on Returning Back To Work!

I Don’t Think I Can Return to Work Right Now….

Employees should be ready to return to work at short notice, but employers should be flexible if possible. If your employer asks you to return to work straight away, you can discuss with your employer if you can’t return. You may have no childcare options at present or you may be shielding personally or family members. Whatever the reason may be, ask your employer so that you are given the opportunity to put things in place, before you return. Be specific and ask them to give you a chance to sort out childcare or any other needs. 

I Don’t Want To Leave My Kids

The separation anxiety is going to be heightened due to the increased amount of time spent at home. Children love there home environment and it can become hard to separate them from it. As you are returning back to work speak to your employer, understand if it is necessary and safe for you to return to work. If so explain to them how you may have to check in more with your childcare provider or family member with calls, or even online platform Zoom. If your child is 0-5 all that will definitely help to settle them back in comfortably.  

I Don’t Think I Have The Support

Many Families during Covid-19 have been facing challenges. Speak with your family first and see if there is any changes that can be made to support you going back to work. If that is not possible go directly to your Employer. Most good employers will be able to offer some support in going back to work, whether thats working from home, reducing hours, or placing you on furlough. It is a very needed conversation to have! If you find that you can’t speak to your employer try speaking with your HR department or finding our more from Citizens Advice.

I hope you find these tips helpful and if there are any more topics or questions you would like us to share please email marketing@kidsincharge.co.uk and we will share you views!

Looking for a Nursery? Or Even a Breakfast and After school Club near you…? Kids In Charge offer high quality, reliable childcare service to families within fun, educational, stimulating, safe environments. We encourage children to become independent learners confident and assured. We offer flexible childcare options to suit all patterns. To Find our more email us bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk or give us a call to book your Tour! 0208-530-7075.

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Read below how you can settle back into Nursery during Covid-19.  

At some point we are going to rejoin the social world again after spending the past 3-6 weeks at home. With a lot of unresolved fears on what’s to come… One common question that parents are asking is what is going to happen once they resettle back to the Nursery environment..? Read our helpful tips below that will make you and your little ones feel at ease going back to Nursery!  

The NEW Normal.

You have to consider that going back to Nursery might not be normal for a long while…Due to the new Government restrictions, it may take until the end of the year to get back into a normal routine. Once you know what your employers plans are, notify your childcare provider as soon as possible. Be prepared to make adjustments and changes at any given notice and try to be as flexible as you can so that you can meet in the middle.

Virtual Online Meet ups

Before rejoining back to Nursery it’s imperative, in helping in settling back that your children have an opportunity to see their teachers before rejoining the nursery environment. These online meet-ups will encourage to rebuild communication and trust and help to restart the routine that will begin at Nursery.  

Be Prepared to Allocate Time 

We know how hard it can be when a child adapts to a new situation and isn’t ready for change. To put it bluntly most children will be enjoying the time spent at home with parents and going back to the structure of nursery may be overwhelming for them. Be prepared to settle your child into the nursery day by day. You may have to allocate time to be at the nursery for the first week or two weeks or possibly virtually if you are unable to join physically to help with the process of easing back into Nursery. To make it easier for you refer to our previous point.

Back To Bedtime Routine  

Stay Calm this is the one part that may be challenging, if you haven’t been able to keep your child in a routine during this period. This is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE! As this period has been very hectic to balance it all! Try your best to settle your child 20-30mins earlier each night until you reach the desired bed time. This way you can begin to ease your child back into their normal sleeping routine.  

The Three C’s  

With this Settling process you want to begin to use the three C’s. ( Communicate Consistency and Calm)  

Start Communicating with your child and begin to explain to them that soon they will be going back to nursery. Start mentioning how exciting and wonderful it’s going to be, how they will make new friends and play with new toys. Make sure it lives up to their expectations, don’t over do it.  

Secondly Consistency you may have to adjust and visit the setting to help settle them in but very soon they will be back to normal.  

Lastly stay Calm there may be tears and tantrums! It is a difficult phase to be with Mum and Dad everyday and then to go back into another routine. If your child is really clingy, try to make sure you keep your goodbye short and simple as the longer drawn out they may be the more difficult you may find to leave.  

Here at Right Start Daycare we are offering LIVE Circle Time for our Rightstart Daycare Parents and local parents at home. Which is streamed daily (Mon-Friday) on Zoom where children can see their nursery practitioners, see their friendly faces again as this helps them to remember the nursery environment and will help our settling in process as we look to reopening in the future.  

Fore more information about Rightstart Daycare follow us on Instagram @rightstartdaycareuk or alternatively email nurserymanager@kidsincharge.co.uk to register for your daycare needs.

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We hope you and your families are staying safe and well during this time. We know how balancing working from home with kids has been quite the challenge these 6 weeks! Here are some tips below on how to survive it as we approach coming out the other side!

For more of our current updates on COVID-19 please visit here; https://www.kidsincharge.co.uk/about-us/covid-19/


Be Realistic

Take a deep breath as this process already has proven to be very stressful for families. The very first thing is to think of what is possible to achieve at home. With working parents and a house full of children you have to be realistic about working from home and it will take time and extra will power to be able to get all of your tasks complete. This may take some adjustment, extra sacrifice and if you are unable to fulfil everything at home as usual ,you may have to speak to your Manager in regards to your situation being an exception.

Create a Daily Plan

Providing a daily structure sets out the expectations not only for yourself but for your family at home. If your children are pre school then you being able to work from home is going to depend on their structure! So where nap, meal and sleep times will be the key hours to designate getting work done. And if you have a helpful partner or help at home taking shifts will help with this balance. Map out everyone’s schedule at home, write it down and put it in front of you, so you can see extra hours where you can slot  more work or family time. It also helps to have children in a school like routine, plan activities for your children that don’t require your full attention to watch over. You want to be able to create an environment where everyone can fulfil their duties while maintaining family harmony.

It’s Not A Typical Day At The Office…

You have to remember that the situation has changed so be prepared to make adjustments, you may need signs of; Do not disturb posted every and be able to communicate effectively that Mum or Dad are working. This is going to take time and you may have to preoccupy them with an activity that they can get on with to make this work.  You may need to communicate to your work colleagues about the added background noise. You may have had an extra member at home join in on the zoom call!

Create Family Time 🙂 

Make sure that you are taking breaks for yourself as well as checking in with everyone at home. Try to have a family activity planned after work. It may be simply just watching a film, completing a puzzle, or even turning a chore into a fun competition, so things in the house are still getting done!

Rewards and Recognition!

Kids want to know if they are on the right track and if they have done well! So make sure you set aside time to give recognition and rewards. If your children have behaved well during the day completing  school work, activities you have set for them you can create a reward system of treats they receive based on completing what is set. This will help them to look forward to doing more things set if they know there is a reward or recognition behind it!

If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading! Let us know what you would like us to share tips and information on and looking forward to sharing more with you soon!

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Parent Guide to Covid – 19!

Kids in Charge take the health and safety of all children in our care and our staff seriously in line with the coronavirus pandemic. 

For current updates please visit here https://www.kidsincharge.co.uk/about-us/covid-19/

With the concerns about the spread of Coronavirus (Covid -19)  Kids in Charge are putting procedures in place to reduce the risk to our children and staff. We are aware that the symptoms are a cough, difficulty in breathing, fever and headaches.

Don’t Panic

We are also aware that the virus is spread through close contact with someone who is infected (up to 2 metres) and is spread through sneezing and coughing. Additionally, it is thought that it can be contracted by touching your face. Spread of infection can be limited by certain hygiene actions which Kids in Charge will be implementing with immediate effect.

Safety Hygiene Measures

On entering the buildings where we operate all staff, parents and children will be asked to wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap, or hand sanitiser.

Staff will clean all surfaces, door handles, computers, keyboards, phones and toys with antibacterial cleaner at the beginning and end of each day.

Posters will be placed at each site with Government recommendations – catch it bin it, kill it. We will also place posters around hand washing in each area to remind children, parents and staff of the correct way to wash hands.

Promoting Awareness

We will promote awareness of the virus and how to keep safe through activities with the children and posters for the parents. This will include how to wash your hands and horrid hands for key stage 1 and 2.

Staff who change nappies will be retrained to ensure that they use gloves and aprons and know how to take their gloves off safely

Future Holiday Club Trips

For future trips at holiday club we will consider a week before whether those trips will go ahead and notify parents if we are not going on the trips. In these cases, parents will receive a refund for the trip.

If a member of staff, parent or child has come into contact, with someone who has been tested for Coronavirus, Kids in Charge will take no action unless the they show any symptoms of the virus or the diagnosis has been confirmed. If this is the case, we would ask that person to self-isolate for 2 weeks.

Stay Calm and Clear

If there are cases of Coronavirus found in the immediate vicinity or connected to our families/staff, we would seek further advice on what to do next from the Government.

Please don’t panic stay Calm and Clear as we are constantly checking for updates from the Government in regards to this to ensure everyone’s safety as best as we can. For up to date updates please visit https://www.kidsincharge.co.uk/about-us/covid-19/


  • February 2021 Half Term Overview

    KIC Holiday Club provides fun, exciting and stimulating activities.  It is a great opportunity for children to make new friends and enjoy great outings like horse riding, ice-skating, various museums, parks, forests and many more. Each week has a different activity based theme.  We endeavour to meet the needs of all the children in our care. Children love to stay and stay!
    Free breakfast, mid morning and afternoon snack. Children have plenty of opportunity for free or structured play both inside and out. We encourage children to be independent and as a result give them plenty of choice according to their age, needs and ability.