Read below how you can settle back into Nursery during Covid-19.  

At some point we are going to rejoin the social world again after spending the past 3-6 weeks at home. With a lot of unresolved fears on what’s to come… One common question that parents are asking is what is going to happen once they resettle back to the Nursery environment..? Read our helpful tips below that will make you and your little ones feel at ease going back to Nursery!  

The NEW Normal.

You have to consider that going back to Nursery might not be normal for a long while…Due to the new Government restrictions, it may take until the end of the year to get back into a normal routine. Once you know what your employers plans are, notify your childcare provider as soon as possible. Be prepared to make adjustments and changes at any given notice and try to be as flexible as you can so that you can meet in the middle.

Virtual Online Meet ups

Before rejoining back to Nursery it’s imperative, in helping in settling back that your children have an opportunity to see their teachers before rejoining the nursery environment. These online meet-ups will encourage to rebuild communication and trust and help to restart the routine that will begin at Nursery.  

Be Prepared to Allocate Time 

We know how hard it can be when a child adapts to a new situation and isn’t ready for change. To put it bluntly most children will be enjoying the time spent at home with parents and going back to the structure of nursery may be overwhelming for them. Be prepared to settle your child into the nursery day by day. You may have to allocate time to be at the nursery for the first week or two weeks or possibly virtually if you are unable to join physically to help with the process of easing back into Nursery. To make it easier for you refer to our previous point.

Back To Bedtime Routine  

Stay Calm this is the one part that may be challenging, if you haven’t been able to keep your child in a routine during this period. This is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE! As this period has been very hectic to balance it all! Try your best to settle your child 20-30mins earlier each night until you reach the desired bed time. This way you can begin to ease your child back into their normal sleeping routine.  

The Three C’s  

With this Settling process you want to begin to use the three C’s. ( Communicate Consistency and Calm)  

Start Communicating with your child and begin to explain to them that soon they will be going back to nursery. Start mentioning how exciting and wonderful it’s going to be, how they will make new friends and play with new toys. Make sure it lives up to their expectations, don’t over do it.  

Secondly Consistency you may have to adjust and visit the setting to help settle them in but very soon they will be back to normal.  

Lastly stay Calm there may be tears and tantrums! It is a difficult phase to be with Mum and Dad everyday and then to go back into another routine. If your child is really clingy, try to make sure you keep your goodbye short and simple as the longer drawn out they may be the more difficult you may find to leave.  

Here at Right Start Daycare we are offering LIVE Circle Time for our Rightstart Daycare Parents and local parents at home. Which is streamed daily (Mon-Friday) on Zoom where children can see their nursery practitioners, see their friendly faces again as this helps them to remember the nursery environment and will help our settling in process as we look to reopening in the future.  

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