Safeguard Your Children’s Internet Safety!

   4 Quick Tips to Safeguard Your Children’s Internet Safety!  

We know that the internet can be a scary place not only for kids but for parents as well! 😀

We’re talking pop ups, computer viruses, Adult Ad’s shown during child friendly videos…. It all can be quite scary and overwhelming!

We recently participated last month (11th February 2020) in Internet Safety Day at our Chingford , Heathcote School site with an Internet Safety workshop.

Acknowledging Internet Safety, we are encouraging children to explore how they manage their online identity and think about how the internet shapes their view of themselves and others. Read below 4 quick tips in helping your children to stay safe on the internet!   

Don’t post any personal information online!  

First things first..No posting your address, email address or mobile number. Any personal information sent to a stranger can be used against you.  


Disable Location Settings 

Why give away your child’s school — or your home address unnecessarily? You’ll save battery power and you’ll make it harder for identity thieves to locate or track you. “If your picture is geo-tagged, that means someone with basic computer skills can click on the properties and get into the code to figure out where that picture was taken. 

Don’t meet up with people you’ve met online!

Did you know popular games have App chat features?  Encourage kids to speak to you as the parent or carer about meeting people online, especially within games and in-App features, check the settings and monitor unknown friend requests. 

TROLL Free Zone!

Encourage your children to respect other people’s views, even if you don’t agree with someone else’s views doesn’t mean you need to be rude, share insults or be abusive online.   

We are looking to help promote safe, responsible and positive use of internet technology for children and young people. Share your tips with us if you have any quick tips in dealing with Internet Safety! 

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