Parent Guide to Covid – 19!

Kids in Charge take the health and safety of all children in our care and our staff seriously in line with the coronavirus pandemic. 

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With the concerns about the spread of Coronavirus (Covid -19)  Kids in Charge are putting procedures in place to reduce the risk to our children and staff. We are aware that the symptoms are a cough, difficulty in breathing, fever and headaches.

Don’t Panic

We are also aware that the virus is spread through close contact with someone who is infected (up to 2 metres) and is spread through sneezing and coughing. Additionally, it is thought that it can be contracted by touching your face. Spread of infection can be limited by certain hygiene actions which Kids in Charge will be implementing with immediate effect.

Safety Hygiene Measures

On entering the buildings where we operate all staff, parents and children will be asked to wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap, or hand sanitiser.

Staff will clean all surfaces, door handles, computers, keyboards, phones and toys with antibacterial cleaner at the beginning and end of each day.

Posters will be placed at each site with Government recommendations – catch it bin it, kill it. We will also place posters around hand washing in each area to remind children, parents and staff of the correct way to wash hands.

Promoting Awareness

We will promote awareness of the virus and how to keep safe through activities with the children and posters for the parents. This will include how to wash your hands and horrid hands for key stage 1 and 2.

Staff who change nappies will be retrained to ensure that they use gloves and aprons and know how to take their gloves off safely

Future Holiday Club Trips

For future trips at holiday club we will consider a week before whether those trips will go ahead and notify parents if we are not going on the trips. In these cases, parents will receive a refund for the trip.

If a member of staff, parent or child has come into contact, with someone who has been tested for Coronavirus, Kids in Charge will take no action unless the they show any symptoms of the virus or the diagnosis has been confirmed. If this is the case, we would ask that person to self-isolate for 2 weeks.

Stay Calm and Clear

If there are cases of Coronavirus found in the immediate vicinity or connected to our families/staff, we would seek further advice on what to do next from the Government.

Please don’t panic stay Calm and Clear as we are constantly checking for updates from the Government in regards to this to ensure everyone’s safety as best as we can. For up to date updates please visit