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“Do you need a flexible childcare solution for your baby?
“Whatever your reason, at RightStart Daycare we can provide a solution that works for you, because every families childcare needs will be different!”

Located in the borough of Redbridge ; we have two sites that are situated close to Newbury Park Tube Station and Wanstead Train Station and centrally located just off the A12. Great locations locally and for commuting parents.

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“The home of Inspiration, Love & Learning”

The building is light and modern with an engaging outdoor space for our children to explore. Parents are always welcome in the nursery, especially during your child’s initial settling in period. Each of the key developmental stages have a designated room:

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Our Baby room called Mini explorers (0-2yrs) – with a ratio of 3 explorers to 1 adult.
Our Toddler room called Adventurers (2-3yrs) – with a ratio of 4 Adventurers to 1 adult.
The Preschool room called Investigators (4-5) – with a ratio of 8 investigators to 1 adult.

Our uniformed team are fully qualified, DBS checked and experienced practitioners, with a Special Educational Needs Coordinator” (SENCO) in each of the key playrooms. Parents are regularly updated with their child’s progress and developmental expectations. Independence in key areas of potty trainingfeeding, and communication as well as physical and emotional development is also fully supported by our team.

Healthy Food Choices
At RightStart, mealtimes are designed for all dietary and religious requirements and to promote Independence.
For our babies we always continue with their individual feeding routines set at home, providing formula and weaning meals. We are also equipped to be as bespoke as storing your baby’s own breast milk if they are still breastfeeding.

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Contact Us if you have any further questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)                              yellow splash

Do you provide vegetarian / halal / food?
Yes we do, we can provide meals to suit all types of dietary requirements, including intolerance’s and allergies. All our food has no added sugar and is salt free. We offer nutritious and well balanced food for all age groups.

What is your sleep routine and is the room quiet during sleep times?
Our sleep zone is separate from the main play rooms. We like to work in partnership with parents to maintain sleep patterns they have already set.

Do you do potty training?
We start potty training in the Adventurers room (2-3 yrs). Our children are taught to acknowledge bowel movements, push down and pull up their underwear and then wash their hands. Toilet visits at regular intervals, support them learning bladder control.

Some of the activities and trips covered in our Nursery Day Care: