Read Below For Our Latest updates regarding the continued impact from COVID-19 on our Breakfast, Afterschool and Holiday Clubs and Rightstart Daycare Nursery 

05/01/2021: FEES DURING SCHOOL CLOSURES We have received several emails regarding the fees structure for this month and due to the unforeseen closure once again, we will be offering where possible the school care to those children of critical workers and vulnerable children. Please check your email for further information of our pay structure January 2021.

05/01/2021: Due to the UK National Lockdown we are only open for Key workers and Vulnerable children needing care for our Breakfast and Afterschool club services. Our Early Years nursery settings at both sites ( Wanstead and Ilford) both remain open to all parents.

04/01/2021: Wanstead Youth Centre has been chosen by the borough to be used as a COVID-19 testing centre. We are co-operating with alongside the NHS to combat the spread. What does this mean for you and your children? The Youth Centre has been divided into two distinct areas so there is no need for contact. This means that due to the size of the building at Wanstead, we are working alongside the NHS to ensure there are no crossovers between children, staff and people using the NHS service. This will be closely monitored. Those people coming for COVID-19 testing will be using the main entrance of the building and will not be allowed on the premises until they have been verified by the administrators from the NHS. Further information of this has been sent to each parent’s email.

02/11/2020:  As we prepare to enter a national UK Lockdown, Kids in Charge services will remain open. We have active arrangements in place to monitor that our controls are effective, working as planned, and updated appropriately. We are working in accordance to any updates and changes to the public health advice. Our risk assessments will be displayed on our website by the end of this week.

25/09/2020: As from Monday 5th October we’re opening the option for adhoc bookings once again.

It’s imperative that ALL parents are aware that your child(ren) will need; 

  • To be on the register
  • the club mobile has details of the booking (text message from the office)
  • You can provide proof of booking (ticket number from the website / invoice number from the office)

Without these details you WILL NOT BE ADMITTED!

ALL bookings by no later than midday and payments must be proven before the booking is accepted. Any questions or queries, please let us know via bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk or call the office at 0208 530 7075.

01/09/2020: Nursery Settling In Period, during all of our new starters at Rightstart Daycare there will be a settling in period to help ease the transition into the nursery for parent and child. This will make your his lasts for 3 days and allows your child to

01/09/2020: Parent Induction for Breakfast and Afterschool Club: It is imperative that each parent has an induction. We will go through your application to help you understand the parent induction guidance.Induction for New Parents will be conducted on Zoom. We have morning and evening slot available Time slots available for morning and evening times needed. Parent inductions should be concluded before the children start and by 2nd week of starting at the latest.

24/08/2020: BANK HOLIDAY CLOSURE! We are closed for all services this bank Holiday 31st August 2020. Holiday club services and office will resume 1st September. Summer Holiday club comes to a close 2nd September


Some schools are having their inset days during these two days and we are extended our Holiday Club for those extra 2 days! First come first served spaces. Because we are extending for an extra 2 days spaces will be limited please call us on 0208 530 7075 or bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk


As we prepare to start the new academic year we wanted to provide you with some information that will help make this transition back to school smoother. CLICK HERE FOR GET READY FOR SEPTEMBER-https://www.kidsincharge.co.uk/lets-get-ready-for-september/

24/7/2020: MOSSFORD GREEN HOLIDAY CLUB CANCELLED SITE Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to cancel our second site at Mossford Green for the Summer Holiday Club. Holiday Club will only be operating at Wanstead Youth Centre.

25/7/2020: POSTPONED SUMMER TUITION AVAILABLE: Due to not meeting the minimum number we have had to temporarily postpone our Summer Tuition and hopefully we will be bringing it back in September 2020. We will keep all our parents and those who registered informed.

10/7/2020: We are happy to announce that there will be childcare available from the following Schools; Oakdale Primary School , Gilbert Colvin Primary School , Mossford Green Primary School and Nightingale Primary School from September. During this time we will be visiting schools to decide on how to work best with the children and staff as safe as possible. 


SUMMER TUITION AVAILABLE: As children are preparing to go back to School in September. We are offering our Catch up Club that helps children be back to speed with an action packed course over 6 weeks see breakdown below:

English and Maths KS1/2 ( year groups 2-3 ) 

English KS2 (year groups 3-6)

Maths KS2 ( 3-4 and 5-6) 


If, you are interested and would like to book the course, please register your requirements bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk quoting your child’s name and which option you are choosing.


Covid Summer Food Fund –  The Department for Education said families of children eligible for free school meals would be provided with a voucher “to cover the full six week summer holiday beginning next month, which schools will be able to order before the end of term. Vouchers will be provided via the existing system run by Edenred. This will run until the end of the summer term. Schools will be asked to put in orders for support over the summer holiday before the start of the holidays, and guidance for schools and childcare providers will follow shortly.


We are pleased to announce that our Summer Holiday club has been scheduled to begin Tuesday 20th July 2020. To see our overview of what your children will be doing during week 1 of our Summer Holiday Club click the link -> Summer Holiday club Week 1


We are closely following guidelines and updates from updates from Department for Education and from the Early Years Alliance Please see direct information from there websites;

Department for Education ( updated June 3rd 2020)

Early Years Alliance – Covid 19 Families Info


We were hoping to offer our wrap around care services to parents but due to governmental updates our Breakfast and After school Club will be opening up in September. Our Summer Holiday Club will be open and we will be hosting open days also.


Rightstart Daycare Nursery have put in procedures in place to protect children, parents and staff. Many nurseries are open for vulnerable and key worker children. We are open at Wanstead and Horns Road ( Ilford, Redbridge areas) settings from 1st June 2020. We are offering temporary and permanent childcare provision. We also have a 10% off ( First Week Offer) which is running now till August. Please contact us to book via email on bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk


We are open for our Key Worker May Half Term Holiday Club. Open from Monday Bank Holiday 25th – 29th May 2020. Open at Wanstead, Mossford Green and Gilbert Colvin sites.


Rightstart Daycare Nursery will be open at Wanstead and Horns Road (Ilford, Redbridge areas) settings from 1st June 2020. We are offering temporary and permanent childcare provision. We also have a 10% OFF First Week Offer which is running now till August. Please contact us to book via email on bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk


Click to read our new blog below How to Settle Your Children back to Nursery


Nursery Settings: We aim to reopen our Horns Rd Nursery setting from 1st June 2020. As Government advice has been changing and not yet made clear, our reopening dates are suggested then fixed. Any information given is subject to change. As we continue to seek clarity with Educational Authorities we will continue to update you on our next steps moving forward.


Following Sunday’s Government Educational Childcare advice; Reception, Year 1 and 6 only will be allowed for Breakfast and After school Club sessions. We are looking at providing the service for those parents returning to work. Alongside ALL DAY 7.30am – 6.30pm at only WansteadWe will be reducing our room sizes by 50% or less to accommodate the children. All primary year groups to be back before the summer holidays. But only if appropriate. We will update accordingly what confirmed date we have for this.


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We are happy to announce that we are featured in the Ilford Recorder about our Easter Holiday Key worker Club read about the children and parent experiences at the link below.

-> CLICK HERE Ilford Recorder @ Kids in Charge (04/05/2020)


We are aiming to launch our May Half Term Holiday Club 25th-29th May 2020. This will be aimed at key worker parents across Redbridge and East London. We may be open to non key worker parents depending on social distancing rules but as of now it is Key worker parents only.


 NURSERY: We plan to open up our Nursery (Horns Rd, Newbury Park setting) 1st June- For key worker children only. This may change due to social distancing rules. As we plan to open as normal new term in September. We are enrolling and taking spaces for both our nursery settings.


Due to Redbridge Borough Request we will be opening for one day for the early May Bank Holiday 8th May 2020. For Key workers parents in Redbridge. These places have been allocated an provided by Redbridge Borough.


We have already been informed we are NOT entitled for the Small Business Grant. All the outlets where there are grants and loans that may be available are taking longer periods of time to respond as you would expect with the high number of claimants. We are now running a skeletal service so please email for any enquires bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk


Due to updates for the Dept of Education / Government, we are awaiting confirmation to know the guidelines moving forward. We have been put in a difficult position as the latest position of Funding rules has changed overnight without warning. Some settings may now have to stay open for Key Worker children. For related information regarding, fees and our current status click link UPDATED COVID-19 FAQS

We are aiming to contact parents with specific queries by Wednesday 22nd April. Please feel free to email or call us for any specific questions raised that are not answered by the Updated FAQS. Please contact us via email as we have a limited administration team at this time.  


There are no After School collections available in the new term as our services are ceasing. For more information email bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk


We are preparing to close all of our Club / Nursery settings. Will be performing shut down procedures on Friday for each Holiday club site, as we close for the foreseeable future. We will be updating Staff and Parents on reopening when we can. Information will be available here, social media and via email.


Bank Holiday Monday* all sites open for Key worker Children.


We are open Good Friday and Easter Monday at all sites except Mossford Green (Good Friday Only) Nursery Horns Road and Wanstead, both sites will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Nursery will reopen 14th -17th April 2020. Live Circle Time from Home will still be available. Email bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk for further info.

Mossford Green have no children on site on Good Friday so Kids in Charge Mossford Green site will be closed. Children attending Mossford Green site will be referred to another site that is open.

We are not using thermometers on site, as new Health and Safety rules have been implemented. If children are feeling unwell we will see if they are hot to touch and we will assume that is a symptom of Covid-19 and inform the parent and send child(ren) home.


 Both Nurseries Rightstart Daycare @ Wanstead and Rightstart Daycare @ Ilford will be closing temporarily due to COVID-19 until further notice.

When we are ready to open the nursery again, we will send out emails to all parents informing them about the reopening of the Nurseries.

In the meantime, please continue joining us for our LIVE – Circle time as this will give children the opportunity to continue seeing each other. Please download the app ‘Zoom’ and an ID link will be given out to parents/carers daily via email. To join the LIVE – Circle time please email bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk

You will need to click on the link provided and the host (@rightstart Daycare ) will give you access. If you need further support please email.

We hope that during this time everyone will stay safe and this crisis is over very soon.


RightStart Daycare Nursery will be announcing Closure tomorrow. (Closure will take place at both sites Horns Rd, Ilford and Wanstead ) Closure will begin after Easter Holidays.


We have started running our Easter Holiday Club for Key worker children only. We are also providing Bank Holiday cover* operating on 4 sites; Wanstead Youth Centre, Our Lady of Lourdes, Gilbert Colvin and Mossford Green. All Social distancing and Hygiene practices will be followed.

Kids in Charge take the health and safety of all children and staff seriously. With the concerns about the spread of Coronavirus Kids in Charge are putting procedures in place to reduce the risk to our children and staff. Daily updates listed below;


Key persons childcare is free of Charge in Redbridge. Key worker parent’s within Redbridge borough has access to free childcare during the Easter Holidays. Email bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk for more information.


We will be running our Easter Holiday Club for Key worker children only. We are operating on 4 sites; Wanstead Youth Centre, Our Lady of Lourdes, Gilbert Colvin and Mossford Green. All Social distancing and Hygiene practices will be followed. We currently have limited spaces available please register interest as soon as possible at bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk


RightStart Daycare has started Circle Time LIVE! A 30 minute daily session online (11AM – 11:30AM) for all RightStart Daycare Children and Parents. To join email bookme@kidsincharge.co.uk to receive live link. It will also follow up with fun daily activities for Parents and children to do at home together. Daily activities will start from 2nd April 2020.


As we are still offering Emergency Childcare for Key worker parents, we are not charging registration fees during Covid-19. You can remove the registration by applying discount code: 100%reg this offer will end once our business resumes as normal.


Holiday Club will be open to Key Worker children only* and we will be open to specific schools in borough of Redbridge.


We will be introducing a LIVE online Circle Time session for the Nursery Children. This will be firstly introduced to our RightStart Daycare parents to help during this Isolation at Home period.


Staff will be continuing to clean and sanitise toys throughout the day and before the end of the session. We still have spaces available for key worker children.

OAKDALE INFANTS SCHOOL: Closed but open to Breakfast club.

Site Updates / Closures 21/03/2020:

For further site information please visit our FAQS PAGE

OAKDALE SCHOOL Kids in Charge will be running breakfast club at Oakdale Infant School for those children who will be attending the school during the coming weeks. We will also collect children from Oakdale school and take them back to Wanstead Youth Centre for Afterschool Club.  

SNARESBROOK SCHOOL We will be collecting children from Snaresbrook school at 3.00PM and taking them back to Wanstead Youth Centre for Afterschool Club.

NIGHTINGALE SCHOOL We are able to pick children up Afterschool and take them back to Wanstead Youth Centre for Afterschool Club

OUR LADY OF LOURDES We will collect children who require Afterschool Club and bring them back to Wanstead Youth Centre for Afterschool Club

GILBERT COLVIN SCHOOL Breakfast club will be held at Mossford Green School so parents will need to drop children off to Mossford Green School and we will drop the children to Gilbert Colvin after Breakfast Club. We will collect children from Gilbert Colvin School and bring them back to Mossford Green School. Parents will need to pick their children up from Mossford Green school by 6.00pm

MOSSFORD GREEN SCHOOL We will run Breakfast and Afterschool club at Mossford Green School.

Site Updates / Closures 20/03/2020:

RIGHTSTART DAYCARE: The Nursery at Horns Road will temporarily relocate to Wanstead Youth Centre Nursery, due to the coronavirus until further notice. As we intertwine both sites to run an effective service, if capacity exceeds at Wanstead nursery, then Rightstart Daycare @ Ilford will re-open to continue supporting key workers. Nursery time frame is 7.30 AM till 6PM. To give parents reassurance, staff from Horns road nursery will be working at Wanstead nursery to continue providing the consistent care that the children need.

OAKDALE SCHOOL Oakdale Junior School that all clubs inclusive of the Breakfast and Afterschool will no longer be open/running. However please be assured we will still be operating our Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs from Oakdale Infants until such time as we are informed otherwise.

HEATHCOTE: We have received notification from Heathcote Secondary School, that from Monday 23rd March 2020, they are no longer allowing lettings at their site until further notice. Unfortunately, this means we will no longer be allowed to run the service for Breakfast Club, Afterschool Club or our NEW Holiday Club over the Easter period. This is not a choice made by us and please be assured we will return as soon as the school is open to lettings again. Our last sessions will be on Friday 20th March 2020.

Key Workers Update 20/03/2020:

To all Parents and Friends, we will be open to all our Key worker parents. Please read the info on post and email us as soon as possible if this applies to you! We have a Key Worker Breakdown outlined for you. here.https://bit.ly/kicschoolguidance

Update: 19/03/2020:

We aim to continue to support our parents, as a childcare setting we aim to stay open for business. As schools are closing, our Wanstead site will be open until 3rd April. (subject to change*)This will be outlined by Friday via email to a limited amount of Key workers. We ask for your patience and understanding at this time.

Further Update 18/3/2020:

As all schools and nursery settings will have their last session on Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice. After taking governmental advice we will be closed for general admission but will remain open for parents who have venerable children or parents who are key workers. Any parent’s who are key workers please call us urgently on 0208-530-7075 as we may be able to run a limited service.

Update 18/3/2020:

Our lady of Lourdes School : Will continue running Breakfast and Afterschool club until further notice.

Oakdale Primary School: We will continue until the school closes

Heathcote School: Will be closing from Monday 23rd March. Last day will be Friday 20th March.

All other clubs will continue until further notice or until announced by Government of full closure. We will keep parents updated on changes

Update 17/3/2020:

Thank you to our parents who have made our transition of Pick up and Drop off waiting at the door/gate smooth and easy. At this present moment we are open as normal and have put in place set procedures for child, parent and staff safety. Childcare provision is still an essential need Holiday Clubs are still going ahead at present, updates daily will continue to be provided.

Update 16/3/2020:

At our Nurseries, Breakfast and After school club we will be asking parents to wait at the door/gate and staff will bring the children to you. This is to reduce the risk to parents, children and staff.

In addition as you may be aware the public is panic buying which may cause an issue with our current menu. Therefore please note that we may not be able to provide the food on the menu, but will ensure children still have balanced and nutritious snacks. I hope you will support us with this strategy.


We are aware that the symptoms are a cough, difficulty in breathing, fever and headaches.

We are also aware that the virus is spread through close contact with someone who is infected (up to 2 metres) and is spread through sneezing and coughing. Additionally, it is thought that it can be contracted by touching your face.

Spread of infection can be limited by certain actions which Kids in Charge will be implementing with immediate effect.

Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus

We found a great resource tool to explain what is happening with COVID-19 to your child here –> Hi My Name is Coronavirus!

PDF Resource from Manuela Molina @MINDHEART.KIDS www.mindheart.co

Reducing Risk

We have held an emergency staff meeting with our managers and deputies and all staff will be met with across all settings to discuss the procedures outlined below;

In order to reduce risks with the Covid 19 virus Kids in Charge are putting in place additional measures.

  • Currently we are ensuring all children/staff/visitors wash their hands coming onto all of our sites to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Our staff have a strict cleaning regime with anti-bacterial cleaner in place.
  • Additionally children and staff are using the catch it, bin it, kill it strategy.
  • On entering the buildings where we operate all staff, parents and children will be asked to wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap, or hand sanitiser.  
  • Poster will be up on how to wash hands in the toilets and kitchen.
  • Antibacterial to be in each room and reception area.
  • All visitors to be asked to use anti-bacterial gel
  • Staff will clean all surfaces, door handles, computers, keyboards, phones and toys with antibacterial cleaner at the beginning and end of each session.
  • Posters will be placed at each site with the government recommendations – catch it bin it, kill it. We will also place posters around hand washing in each area to remind children, parents and staff of the correct way to wash hands.
  • We will promote awareness of the virus and how to keep safe through activities with the children and posters for the parents. This will include how to wash your hands and horrid hands for key stage 1 and 2.
  • Cutlery will be sterilized daily dishwashers used where available.
  • If a member of staff, parent or child has come into contact with someone who has been tested for Coronavirus, Kids in Charge will take no action unless the they show any symptoms of the virus or the diagnosis has been confirmed.
  • If this is the case, we would ask that person to self-isolate for 2 weeks.
  • If there are cases of Coronavirus found in the immediate vicinity or connected to our families/staff, we would seek further advice on what to do next from the government.

Nursery Specific

  • Staff who change nappies will be retrained to ensure that they use gloves and aprons and know how to take their gloves off safely
  • Unnecessary close contact will be avoided but children who need comforting will continue to be comforted.
  • All parents to have their children’s hands washed at nursery on entry before handing them to staff
  • Changing the bins for each room throughout the day
  •  Redo-nappy changing training for all staff

Holiday Club Specific

  • For future trips at Holiday Club we will consider a week before whether those trips will go ahead and notify parents if we are not going on the trips. If trips are cancelled the cost of the trip will be refunded in these cases. The care will be provided on site.

If parents have any concerns about their child being unwell, they need to contact 111.