About us

Kids In Charge was founded by Mrs Constantia Barrett B.Ed. Hons in 2007

Being a former highly experienced senior teacher and working mother of five  amazing children Mrs Barrett set out to provide childcare services that parents could trust.  A place where a parent could  be assured that their child is seen and treated as an individual and their needs are truly central to all planning and activities.

“I wanted to create  environments that would be comfortable cosy and relaxed like home yet organised and structured at the same time. I also wanted to use my teaching background to provide a framework in which to build a more developed educational play experience for children. For parents I wanted to create peace of mind and in built systems for communication, plus as much as possible flexible childcare options. Most of all I wanted children and parents not to have to suffer, some of the awful experiences my children and I had when they needed childcare. “ Mrs Constantia Barrett Bed. Hons

Today Kids In Charge offer a high quality, reliable childcare service to families within fun, stimulating, safe environments.

We encourage children to become independent learners confident and assured. That’s why we are called Kids In Charge making a choice for a better future. We want to help children to be thinking people now and in the future.

Kids in Charge was also developed to create flexible childcare options to suit all patterns. We even provide emergency care for those unexpected closures. We are constantly looking for what else we can do to support parents and their children.

When school is closed Kids In Charge childcare aims to be open.

Kids In Charge provide FLEXIBLE child care you can trust.

  • Breakfast / Holiday / After School Club / One Hour Club
  • Breakfast Club  1hour 15min of childcare and food daily run conveniently from school sites. Fussy eater eat better at breakfast club. Great start to the day arrive to school on time everyday. After school club great place to socialize develop social skills, homework support provided, creative activities, cooking, sailing, and much more. Healthy food provided. 1 hour clubs – check out the school page. Holiday club – All year round Holiday club trips and onsite fun loved by all staff and children alike. Inset days – Teacher training care provided.
  • Costs/ Time
  • Breakfast from £6.00 per morning from 7.30am. After School Club from £9 early finish  close between 6pm and 7pm dependent on site check After School Club page. Holiday Club 8am – 6.30pm daily from £30.00 per day  half days available. See Holiday Club page.
  • Important information