Kids In Charge


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Kids In Charge is the place where your children can grow and develop their personalities and independence under the watchful eye of our dedicated staff.

Through the opportunities and experiences we give your children they will learn to be in charge of:

  • What they think
  • Their friendships and how they interact with friends
  • Choices of what they eat from healthy options
  • Their behaviour including how they plan their play and what will ultimately be their futures

With the support of adults children get to plan their own activities and experiences and develop those all-essential life skills.
At  Kids In Charge the children are in charge of planning their own experiences with the support of the adults they help to plan menus as well. The child’s voice and opinions are heard. Alongside that goes the expectation that children take responsibility for their action and consider how these effect others.
We see these children as the adults of tomorrow, precious in every way . Supporting them as they make sense of the world around them is our pleasure.
Whether it’s listening to the chatter of the children; playing an active role in their play; or just sitting back watching the wonder of ants run back and forth we just enjoy the pleasure of supporting their development.
Kids In Charge also offers Breakfast, After school and Holiday Clubs, Tuition, 1 Hour Clubs and INSET day childcare, proving yet again that there is something here for everyone!

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